What Is Going On With The Playoffs Post Game Dress Code

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Inspector Gadget Vs. Guy from Farmville

Charles Barkley Has A Little Too Much Fun With The Shake Weight

•April 20, 2010 • 6 Comments

Unless you’ve been absent from late night TV for the past months, you’ve obviously come across THE most retarded as seen on TV commercials called the “Shake Weight”.   Let me just say that the person who invented is most definitely a guy.  Furthermore, he probably was whacking off one night and realized how strong his wrist became as a result of these exercises.  The product was initially targeted towards women:

And eventually it spread to guys:

Now the phenomenon has spread to TNT and it has even got Charles Barkley on it.  As Ernie Johnson Kenny Smith says, you may just go blind if you do it too much.

Advertisement: Our Sponsor Fathead Is Having a Promotion

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I usually don’t do this, but for a limited time they’re having 15% off on their products (Promotion code: SML15C).  Additionally, you can get free shipping by entering this code when you buy any of their products (Promotion code: SMLSHP1).  For the month of April right now, you will be able to also enter in a contest where a Fathead Junior is given away every single day.

So go check out the site!

Disclaimer: I’m receiving a free sample Fathead

It’s Moments Like This That I Wish I Went To An SEC School

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Perhaps one of the best interviews I’ve seen on why one fan from Alabama hates Tennessee.  I would have picked the same three reasons for hating on a college as well

Cause they low’ down, they dirty, and some snitches

Bulimic Phillies Fan Likes to Karaoke

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Just a couple of years ago, Matt Clemmens was having fun singing Madonna’s “Material Girl” with his friends.  The next moment he’s sticking his fingers down his throat to unleash puke on an 11 year old girl.

What went wrong???

Ed Hardy and Dwight Howard: A Match Made in Heaven

•April 18, 2010 • 2 Comments

A major advertising campaign has been launched by Ed Hardy to feature Dwight Howard in their campaign to sell more skull and rhinestone shirts to the public.   The ad has finally sweeped across billboards in Los Angeles to influence even more douchebags to wear these shirts.  Maybe Dwight is trying to support his baby mama.

With the buy 3 shirts and get one hat free deal, I don’t know which shirt I would choose.  Would it be the skull combined with the black panther or the skull wearing a hat or a skull right behind another skull?

The Irony: "Sell Out Skull Specialty Tee"

Phillies Fan Goes Bulimic on Cop and Family

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The face of a winner

Great story in the headlines today involving someone other than Ben Roethlisberger.  The story all started when an off duty cop took his two daughters to watch a Phillies game on a Wednesday night.  The family thought it was going to be a peaceful night at the ballpark until some unruly fans started screaming obscenities.  When the off duty cop and his daughter asked the men to stop, things got more heated.

At that moment, one man’s natural instinct to stick his finger down his throat took over.  In fact he stuck his finger down his throat so far that he began to vomit on one of the cop’s daughters.  When the fans tried to restrain him, he fought back while continue to vomit.

This whole incident reminds me of Dave Chappelle’s bus hostage standup.