Stephen Strasburg is Money


Worth every penny if you ask me.  I now feel bad for the seller who will have to incur a 10% ebay fee on this auction.  So around 100 grand.  If the buyer doesn’t pay, that’s going to be another story.  Of course you can always appeal to the site to claim unpaid item.  Remind me, isn’t this how the housing bubble started?  At this pace, if Strasburg signs 15 more cards, he’ll probably be able to double his contract.   Yours truely may just get in on the joke of the century.


This picture just says it all.  If I was Stephen Strasburg and I needed some extra income on the side, I could just sign a couple extra baseball cards and put them on ebay myself.  For a 22 year old that’s been injured the first half of the season and played only 3 games, the hype machine is in full force.  Of course, for someone to drop $100,000 on a piece of card that may very well be worthless is even more unbelievable.

If irrational exuberance is what caused the housing market to crash in America, the same can be said about this card.  Hell why don’t someone just anti up a baby for this card.


~ by richyrich006 on June 23, 2010.

3 Responses to “Stephen Strasburg is Money”

  1. That’s just ridiculous, man.

    That’s why cards aren’t worth crap anymore. Remember what Josh Hamilton rookie cards were going for before he even had a hit in the league?

    FYI… Dropped this about Strasburg lately.

    Let me know what you think.

  2. dude, if by hurt you mean strasburg was in the minors, then yes he was hurt

  3. Man, this is insane!!! I really hope the seller got paid for this. I used to sell items (including cards) on eBay and nothing is more frustrating than a clown buyer that pays when he/she feels like it.

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