Is Myron Rolle Too Smart For The NFL? Is Toby Gerhart Feeling Reverse Discrimination

With the NFL draft only a days away, all of the major prospects are interviewing and making public appearances to increase their draft stock.  Two particular players, Myron Rolle and Toby Gerhart, are fighting discrimination that have been targeted towards them.  In the NFL, unlike most workplaces, it does not play to your advantage to be smart or white.

It's a Cravat!

It's a Cravat!

Case #1: Myron Rolle, the Florida State Rhodes scholar who went to study at Oxford last year, is probably too smart for the NFL.   In an interview to ESPN, Rolle showed up with an ascot to prove how smart he is.  When asked about what’s the difference between the topic of conversation between Rhodes scholars and NFL draft prospects, Rolle says,

The topic of conversation at Oxford is UN speeches and political ecology of diseases.  NFL prospects, we are talking about team uniforms and uh….some rap music.

In essence, Rolle comes out and says NFL draft prospects are brain dead.  Just telling the truth.

Not a ascot, but close enough

Case 2: Toby Gerhart, the Stanford running back who nearly beat out Mark Ingram for the Heisman last year, is feeling the pressure of reverse discrimination.  A scout came out and said,

He’ll be a great second-round pickup for somebody, but I guarantee you if he was the exact same guy – but he was black – he’d go in the first round for sure

It’s really no surprise that this is the truth.  Although Gerhart had a great career at Stanford, he’ll always be compared to other white runners that’s been in and out of the NFL i.e. Mike Alstott.  So really, Gerhart can be the second coming of Barry Sanders and no one will take him seriously until he steps onto the turf.

We’ll see how all this will play out in tomorrow’s draft.


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