Charles Barkley Has A Little Too Much Fun With The Shake Weight

Unless you’ve been absent from late night TV for the past months, you’ve obviously come across THE most retarded as seen on TV commercials called the “Shake Weight”.   Let me just say that the person who invented is most definitely a guy.  Furthermore, he probably was whacking off one night and realized how strong his wrist became as a result of these exercises.  The product was initially targeted towards women:

And eventually it spread to guys:

Now the phenomenon has spread to TNT and it has even got Charles Barkley on it.  As Ernie Johnson Kenny Smith says, you may just go blind if you do it too much.


~ by richyrich006 on April 20, 2010.

6 Responses to “Charles Barkley Has A Little Too Much Fun With The Shake Weight”

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  2. […] Watching anyone use a Shake Weight is funny.  Watching Charles Barkley do anything is funny.  Combine and enjoy.  <sportshumor> […]

  3. that was kenny smith with the blind joke not ernie johnson. step your game up

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  5. Yes, it’s just one man’s opinion. But during last night’s TNT coverage of Game 2, the outspoken Charles Barkley provided some interesting analysis about the Nuggets.

  6. Just to get a little action and, you know, to keep my skills fresh, I use the shake weight. Big fan.

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