Marshawn Lynch Unleashes Beast Mode in TGIF

If I were to check the Super Bowl Odds for Marshawn Lynch ever going there without anymore encounters with the law, it would probably be a million to one.

Something triggered the 20 million dollar Buffalo Bills star to steal $20 at a TGIF restaurant.  Apparently a policeman’s wife and her friends were out at a dinner on a Friday night and they started chatting with a member of the Bills.  Lynch eventually came over and joined them for dinner and when it was time to pay, the woman put $20 on the table to cover her meal.  Lynch saw the money and took it.  When the woman’s friend tried to approach Lynch about it, Marshawn went crazy and asked her, “do you know who I am?”

Well shit, if she didn’t know who he was, she wouldn’t be in shock that $20 was just stolen from their table.  This goes to show you that even though you may be making the big bucks in the NFL, you stay have to stay true to your roots and show the bitches who’s in charge.


~ by richyrich006 on January 14, 2010.

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