Delonte West forgot the Bullet-Proof Vest

Delonte West obviously learned nothing from the Maurice Clarett arrest back in the day. No, not that it’s wrong to drive around at night with guns and booze, but if you’re gonna do it, do it right. Be safe and put on a bullet-proof vest.

Step your game up Delonte West

Step your game up Delonte West

Who in their right mind would get on a motorcycle in the middle of the night with a handgun in the pocket, pistol in the pantleg, and a shotgun in an empty guitar case over his shoulder and not wear a bullet-proof jacket? Clearly West is still an amateur when it comes to the whole fully loaded, drive-by, massacre scene. Really, what could West possibly need an arsenal of weapons in suburban Maryland? When I think of Maryland, gang banging is the last thing that comes to mind. I know Ray Lewis lives in Maryland, but he killed that dude, allegedly,  during the super bowl in Miami. Also Michael Phelps is from Maryland, and he’s a super douche, but the worst he has ever done is give VD to half the strippers in the state.

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~ by hundley21 on September 18, 2009.

One Response to “Delonte West forgot the Bullet-Proof Vest”

  1. I didn’t read anywhere that West was on his way to kill anyone. I can’t figure what he was doing or thinking. I can’t figure out if his guns were legal but I suspect they were. Otherwise that would be the headline. Seems his mistake was taking handguns anywhere near DC. Only criminals can have guns there.

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