Can people shut up about John Elway

I know you are but what am I

I know you are but what am I

Everything I have heard about Jay Cutler on ESPN is that he needs to shut up and stop pretending like he is the next John Elway, or ever worse better than John Elway. Stewart Scott made some smart ass comment about how Elway has won 15 playoff games and 2 SB, while Cutler has never won at anything in life. Even his Mom thinks Jay is a complete loser! Let us look at a thing we at sportshumor like to call “numbers”.

Elway started as a 23 year old rookie for the Broncos in 1983 with a god awful season. In 11 games, he compiled a 55 QB rating thanks to a 47.5 completion %, 7-14 TD-INT ratio with a league average 6.4 YPA. He went 3-7 as a starter and lost the playoff game.

Cutler started as a 23 year old rookie for the Broncos in 2006 playing in only 6 games because of the immortal Jake Plummer, who has more career picks than TDs. He had an 89 QB rating while completing 59% of his passes, and having a 9-5 TD-INT ratio with a well above average 7.3 YPA.

In Elway’s first 10 year in the league, he never had a completion % of better than 58.6, a QB rating above 80% just once(normally in low 70’s), 158-157 TD-INT ratio and a YPA around 7. If I randomly gave you those numbers, would you think this is an all-time great QB? Not so much

Cutler, in his 3 years, 2 of which he has started every game, has a rating of 87.1, 62.5%, 54-37 TD-INT ratio, and a YPA of 7.4 Elway stepped up his game in the final 6 years of his career, resulting in 2 super bowls, but his best 6 years are only as good as Cutler has been in his first 3.

Certainly Cutler will improve over the years, and possible accumulate some SB wins himself. To say that Cutler’s name doesn’t belong in the same sentence as Elway is just wrong. One day it may be the other way around. Elway may have the stronger arm, but so does Kyle Farnsworth. So shut up ESPN and look at some numbers before you make pretentious remarks pretending your authority on sports supersedes things like numbers and stats.


~ by hundley21 on August 31, 2009.

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