Shaq Vs. Misty May And Kerri Walsh

I watched the second episode of Shaq Vs. (Nash Vs.) last night to see if Shaq can win at really a sport that’s other than basketball.  While he brags about how he’s a world class athlete, let’s admit, he can only dominate in one sport, even then his best days are long behind him.  If I was 7’1 and 300 lbs, playing in the NBA would be playing with small anorexic kids.

Shaq once again gets his ass kicked in beach volleyball by the Olympic champions.  To May and Walsh’s credit, they did win something like 130 games in a roll in beach volleyball and was #1 in the world 4 years in a roll.  Shaq even got Todd Rogers, the pro beach volleyball player on his side to help him beat Misty and Kerri.  But in the end, Shaq didn’t know the meaning of “I got it” or setting the volleyball which is the perfect set up of a great beating.

Shaq claims that this show is to support his off season workout but I’ve never seen anyone so lazy in their training as him.  Attempting to play tennis with Serena Williams, we realize how slow Shaq really is and how he really relied simply on his massive frame to become a dominant center.

Shaq learning how to "grunt".  I don't think anyone wants to hear that.

Shaq learning how to "grunt". I don't think anyone wants to hear that.

Also Shaq never blocked one spike during the game which is simply sad.  Shaq is 7’1 and the net is 7’3.  All he has to do is put his hands up to block any shot.  But once again we see how unathletic Shaq is as he gets the ball spiked in his face multiple times.

Epic Fail

Epic Fail

Epic Fail 2.  Didn't produce and show and had to wear the pink bikini

Epic Fail 2. Didn't make the show and had to wear the pink bikini

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~ by richyrich006 on August 28, 2009.

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