Plaxico to the Bears! Not so much

Plaxico Burress plead guilty to weapons possession charges and is now going to jail for 2 years, with 2 more years of supervised living. It’s a better deal than if he went to trial where he could have face 17 years in the slammer. I’m not even gonna bother comparing Stallworth getting 24 days for killing a man while impaired versus 2 years for shooting yourself. I wonder the prison time Plax would have gotten if he actually killed himself with his own gun. I say 3 lifetimes.

I have three problems with this ruling:

1) Didn’t P-Diddy once fire a pistol at a nightclub with J-Lo and I don’t recall him ever serving a day of jail, community service, or losing a dollar for that matter. I don’t know if Diddy had a registered gun, but i still don’t believe you are allowed to shoot it in a private establishment.

What the fuck is this? Some Mexican shit?

What the fuck is this? Some Mexican shit?

2) Why has no one else been arrested in this investigation. Didn’t Antonio Pierce hide the weapon Plaxico shot himself with. Didn’t he also hide Plaxico’s bloody clothes to intentionally deceive the police? Didn’t the club he was at know that he had a gun when he walked through the front door? Yes, yes, and yes.

3) Plaxico would have been a perfect fit for the Bears. A tall wide receiver who knows where to line-up, where to run, and how to catch the ball before it hits the ground. If he was good enough to make Eli Manning the richest man in the history of the NFL, he could have made Jay Cutler Marino, Montana, and Elway all rolled into one. Fuck!

You had to know it was all downhill for Plax when he spiked the football after making a diving catch as a rookie. Whats the problem you ask? No one touched him. He wasnt down yet. Fumble. It’s not college retard.


~ by hundley21 on August 20, 2009.

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