Worst Tattoos in Sports

Tattoos and athletes go hand in hand like candy and a baby.  Sometimes, those tattoos really aren’t meant to be on an athlete or anyone for that matter.  I’ll continue to add on to this list that’s been started

Own Name Tattoo

Vince Young – Jersey is still needed because there’s no number
DeShawn Stevenson –
No jersey needed
Lebron James –
Instead of his name, it’s the chosen one
Rau’shee Warren – Olympic boxer
thinks he’s the chosen one
Ryan Sheckler – White pro skateboarder wants to follow the trend
Isaia Toeava – New Zealand rugby player holding it down for himself
Brandon Jennings – Will Lil’ Wayne sue for copyright infringement?
Richard Jefferson – Left his bride at the alter because he was in love with someone else…himself.
Mike Bibby
Like Jefferson, only the initials
Rajon Rondo – All bones + his initials
Lonny Baxter – Ex Maryland standout tattoos initals on arm

Advertisement Tattoo –

Marcin Gortat- Polish NBA player signed with Reebok because Jordan wouldn’t sign him.  So he gets a tattoo of Jordan
Brad Miller Picture of And1 logo because he wishes he can play like an And1 player
Rashard LewisSame stupid And1 tattoo
Matt BarnesSame stupid And1 tattoo
Stephon Marbury – Does it count if the logo is your own logo?
Carmelo AnthonyWarner Brothers or West Baltimore.  You Decide.

Patriotic Tattoo

Jeremy Shockey – For a second I thought Shockey was Chinese, which is why I need this tattoo to remind me.
Danika Patrick Checkered flag and American flag.  It can’t be more Apple Pie than that.
Cherokee Parks – Technically 1/8th Native American, but don’t let it distract you from his non-existent career.
Chris Hovan – Defensive Tackle for the Vikings and Bucs.  Loves the American flag

White players Tattoo who shouldn’t have tattoos

Robert Swift – The ex top 5 college recruit jumped straight to the NBA.  He had a couple of bad years, really bad years and tattoos started popping up everywhere.  Coach said to hit the gym, not the bong.
Kevin Pittsnogle – Was decent in college because he can shoot.  Realized everyone can shoot in the NBA.
Chris Anderson – Drug use always drive players to get more tattoos.  Here’s before and after the drugs got to him.
Josh Hamilton – I don’t like repeating, but crack is hell of a drug.  Here’s before and after crack is in the system.

Sports / Team / Frat Tattoo

Michael Jordan – Bet you didn’t know the greatest player in basketball history had a tattoo on his left chest.  It’s the symbol of Omega Psi Phi, the fraternity Jordan belonged to in North Carolina.
David WestXavier’s only advertisement.
Jordan Campbell- USC football player tattoos USC on his arm.  I want to see if Tommy Trojan is on the other arm.
Brigham HarwellUCLA defensive tackle has a big Bruin on his arm.

Cover up Old Tattoo
Mike Bibby – Leg tattoo to constantly remind you what sport he plays and organization he belongs to.  Look closely and it actually says something else.  At least he changed by getting rid of his name on his arm.
Chauncey Billups Does this not look like the Boston Celtics dude, the first team Chauncey played for?

Cartoon Character Tattoos

Brad Miller – Nominated again for Scooby Doo
Greg Ostertag – Fred Flinstone is here
Hines WardRepresent Mickey Mouse

Copycat Tattoos

Allen Iverson and Rasheed Wallace – Iverson has a tattoo of a bulldog, probably referring to the Georgetown Hoyas.  But Rasheed Wallace has the same exact one with some teddy bear on it??
Dennis Rodman and Reggie MillerDennis got it first and Reggie must have thought the bellybutton tattoo is pretty cool and blew the size up

Olympic Pride (Little too gay)
Michael PhelpsMichigan and Olympics tattoo…WHY??
Mark Foster Swimmer…WHY????
Mike Andrew Brown Canadian Swimmer…WHY???
Chris HoyBritish Cyclist…WHY???
Lorig Khatuna American Archer…WHY???
Cesar CastroBrazillian Diver…WHY???
Hugo Parisi Brazillian Swimmer….WHY???
Andres Bayron SilvaSwimmer…WHY???

Gun Tattoo

Stephen Jackson – After pleading guilty to gun charges, Stephen Jackson still pray to “Guns”
Marquis Daniels “Only the strong survive” Does it really have to be a guy with a shotgun blowing himself up?

Just Downright Stupid

Melvin Costa – Neo Nazi MMA fighter gets a third Reich across his chest. But what’s on his stomach…“I have a small penis”?????

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~ by richyrich006 on August 17, 2009.

4 Responses to “Worst Tattoos in Sports”

  1. half the black athletes have the “only the strong survive”. Tyson Chandler is an example. It doesnt apply to other guys like eddy curry. cause he aint strong and he aint surviving

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  3. Jordan’s “tat” isn’t a tat but a brand.

  4. Great list /post!

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