Brady Quinn is a Bigger Bitch Than We Thought

I once heard a story from a friend that at a Notre Dame party, one of his friends was dancing when Brady Quinn approached her from the back.  When the girl refused to dance with him (didn’t know who he was), Brady Quinn said “You know who the fuck I am?”

Besides Eli Manning, Brady Quinn might be the only other person to think he’s the second coming of Joe Montana.  This week, while Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn are battling it out for the starting QB job at a scrimmage, Derek Anderson’s helmet radio broke down and had to use hand signals to call out plays.  Because Brady Quinn is also familiar with the hand signal, he then instructed the defensive how to read the hand signals.

Sounds like the the two are going to be off to a great relationship this season if either one of them starts.  Other possible sabotage opportunities for Brady Quinn during the season may include tattle telling on Derek Anderson or setting Derek Anderson’s locker on fire.  Can’t we have a fair quarterback battle?

I want to kill him

"I want to kill him"

Chest bump or fist about to swing?

Chest bump or fist about to swing?


~ by richyrich006 on August 12, 2009.

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