Marshawn Lynch a True Poet

Just when I thought JaMarcus Russell has it bad with speaking with the English language because of the education at LSU, I find Marshawn Lynch is comparable in terms of his style of writing on his blog.  Here’s an excerpt:

“wha it do YB? two words… BEAST MODE! we did are thang against dem chief. i had hella fun again playin wit my teammates gettin that W! i jus wasnt feelin dat late hit but its all good. U feel me tho? lmao. shots out to dah fans dats been supportin my beast mode clothin line i thank u. i seen those dat had dem on. Dats whaz up!… its ah new week cumming up gotta get ready for dem 49ers. lookin 4ward to another W… hold ya chin up…..nuh nuh nuh gone”

I’d like to decipher what Marshawn is trying to say but this is what I like to call writing a whole lot about nothing.  I understand the whole Hyphy Bay Area culture but come on Marshawn can’t you run a spell check?

After doing some digging of my own, maybe I’m actually not deep enough to understand him.  You see, maybe Lynch is trying to imitate E.E. Cummings, the great poet who was known for his unconventional spelling and punctuations.  I thought Berkley was hard to get into…only if you are a student!

E.E. Cummings Original

E.E. Cummings Original

Marshawn Lynch's modern day remix

Marshawn Lynch's modern day remix


~ by richyrich006 on August 7, 2009.

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