Jason Giambi: The Career That Was


Seriously?  That’s Jason Giambi! He looks like Craig Counsell in the Team USA picture. He barely looks strong enough to hold that smile up, let alone hit 400 homers in the majors. His HR rate in the minors was 1 every 30 at-bats, but 1 every 17 in the majors. After winning the MVP award with a ridiculous 476 on-base percentage, it should have come as no surprise that he would unofficially test positive for steroids. With his release from the Athletics today, it may be the end to hsi controversial career.

At least he left us with so many memories, very few of which involve the game of baseball.

Is that Giambi or Craig Biggio?

Just one in a long line of *MVP* winners

WWE wrestlers told me they were injecting lidocaine and vitamin B12

I apologize for being wrong at whatever it is I did, which is nothing

There's a reason they call me "The Giambino"

Admit it, you're jealous of the stach

That's actually the look from the front. Shrinkage!


~ by hundley21 on August 7, 2009.

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