Ron Artest is One Weird Guy

Update: Ron Artest just donates a $45,000 watch to a Chinese teen.  The teen will in turn sell the watch on ebay in China to a wealthy businessman.

Artest is currently on a tour of China to “promote “his new Chinese artist named Shin Shin.  The question everyone wants to know: Is Ron Artest banging her.  Recently Artest released a series of strange video tapes involving the artist and him in various places.  One of them is on the beach as Ron Artest tries to take pictures of her like a photoshoot.

Here’s what Ron Ron had to say afterwards in his twitter


Shin Shin’s response


Ron followed this performance with a performance of his own…by re-enacting the brawl for her.  Is this suppose to impress her?  Artest could also reenact this scene two years ago as well with her.  I like the Chinese fans that come in and out of the picture especially this one when Artest is demonstrating how he punched the guy.


William Hung anyone?

Here’s the video


~ by richyrich006 on August 6, 2009.

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