Michael Crabtree Feeling Crabby

Update 8/7/09: Maybe Crabtree shouldn’t listen to advisor/cousin.  Just check out the shady dealings in the past.

  • Banned for life by USA Boxing over allegations of misuse of funds.
  • Let off the hook for $50,000 when one of his clients skipped town, after a dubious document appeared showing he had warned the county.
  • Arrested for stealing boxing gloves from the Dallas Police Athletic League.

Dallas Observer


Michael Crabtree, according to his cousin who’s his advisor, is reportedly trying to hold out and wait for next year’s draft.  The report came from ESPN here and was debunked by Fanhouse here afterwards, so take this story with a grain of salt.  If Crabtree is trying to hold out because he thinks he deserves what Oakland’s 7th pick WR Darrius Heyward-Bey’s $38.5 million, he should consider his alternatives.

Will holding out really help Crabtree and what would he do for a year?  Probably play in the UFL where he’s going to get paid next to nothing compared to the NFL.  If Crabtree happens to not play football for a year; well just take a look at what happened to Maurice Clarett and Mike Williams.  I’m not saying that Crabtree will go ape shit on the world but the best option for him right now would be to just sign with the Niners and ask for a trade next year.  Afterall, we all know that this is the classier way to get what you want in sports.

Shit, I bought his jersey

Shit, I bought his jersey already

Madden 2010
Madden 2010 featuring Maurice Clarett

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3 Responses to “Michael Crabtree Feeling Crabby”

  1. where do you get these pictures. Dont tell me you made the EA sports one

  2. Just from honest journalism

  3. Crabtree needs to get in and prove himself before hes even worth all the money hes bound to get. At least practice and do mini-camps then skip games, be smart.

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