Lebron Doing Work, 2-3 on His Shirt, He the Greatest….errrrrrrr…..

People will just not get off of Lebron James’ back ever since the infamous dunk this summer.  Someone once again brought a video camera to a UCSD scrimmage where Lebron James was a guest player.  Just think, one of the best players in today’s game playing against some no name D1 athletes, easy right?  Maybe a little too easy.  Lebron likes to show off that he will not even remotely try to play in the game.   Instead, he moves around slower than Shawn Bradley in the paint.

Once again Lebron gets dunked.  Notice how I didn’t say dunked on since he learned his lesson the first time around.  This time, he just watch the dunk from 3 feet away.  Also, this isn’t his camp, so he can’t go around confescating tapes.  Now can people stop calling him the “Chosen One” now?  Or at least nickname him the “Lazy One” during the summer.  You think Michael Jordan would have just walked around the court like it’s nothing even at a scrimmage.  No!  He would have destroyed everyone on the court and left no prisoners even if he’s playing against middle school players.


~ by richyrich006 on August 6, 2009.

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