Xtreme baseball is still around

Back in 2007, a new type of baseball was introduced to the public.  It was called Xtreme baseball and it was Xtremely and unnecessarily complex.  2 years later, the league is still around with four teams and attempting to add 25 more teams to the league!  That’s a 600% increase in the number of teams in the league.  Is the owner insane?

Currently the tickets are priced at $7 a pop which is reasonable.  However, the owner is trying to advertise on Craig’s List, maybe not the best way to market a sports league.  Also, how are you going to convince more investors to invest in your league when your website look like this:


No one will take you seriously with a website like this

For those who are unemployed right now, Xtreme baseball is hiring right now…for everything!  Some of these positions look like desperate requests (Broadcast Network?) rather than legitimate positions to be filled.  I’m surprised they didn’t include failed baseball players to the list.  A short summary includes:

Documentary Film Makers
Broadcasting Network
League Spokesperson
Corporate Sponsors
Team Owners
Web designer (Should be #1 on the LIST!)
Team Managers, Coaches and Trainers

The Arena football league folded for this?  The people who are investing in this piece of crap need to open their eyes and see where they are sinking their money into.  I wouldn’t take my grandma to watch this game if they paid me $7.


~ by richyrich006 on August 5, 2009.

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