What Michael Vick Can Fight Now That He Can’t Fight Dogs

I have come to argue then and again that animal rights activists are treating Michael Vick like he murdered a human being.  It’s only because dogs are so revered in the Western roots that people consider anything less than treating them like a man’s best friend to be cruel.

However, in many other parts of the world, there are sports that are 10 times as violent as dog fighting but no one raises an eyebrow, mostly because some are still unknown and others are so ingrained in a country’s culture that people consider it as a great tradition.  Take Bull Fighting for example.  The sport has its origins in Spain, Portugal and other Latin American countries where the bull fighter attempts to kill a matador by strategically stabbing the bull in different areas of its body.  Could Vick become a Bullfighter?  Possibly, considering he’s lighting fast on the football field.

Backup option in case the NFL or UFL don't work out

Backup option in case the NFL or UFL don't work out

Cockfighting is another sport Vick could take on.  Stemming from Roman origins, cockfighting quickly spread Asia.  Because roosters have a natural affinity to attack each other, the sport is almost exactly similar to dog fighting.  Today, it’s banned in America and most part of Europe which means Vick would have to move to a Southeastern country in Asia to do his deed.

Backup #2

Backup #2

There are virtually endless possibilities, just look at this list on wikipedia!

One sport they left out was this.  It’s called the suicide race.  Enough said.


~ by richyrich006 on August 5, 2009.

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