More Training Camp Action

Training Camp every year gets more and more strange.  This year, Ocho Cinco is on ustream talking about “who are the women that you will stay with even if they cheat on you”.  He brought the entire team into his room and each one talks about the topic.  In the end, half the players were married and didn’t want to get in trouble with their wives which is very ironic I must say.

Not too far away, Reggie Wayne pulls up to training camp in a garbage truck.  The purpose was a publicity stunt to metaphorically emphasize that the Colts have to “rebuild” and must be ready to get down and dirty for this season.  From this video, I learned that Peyton Manning is the richest janitor in the world.

“He’s the janitor. We need all of our bathrooms A-1.” -Reggie Wayne

What’s next, a judge releases O.J. Simpson gets released from prison and accompanies T.O. to the Bill’s camp?  Oh wait, the first part of the story just might happen.


~ by richyrich006 on August 5, 2009.

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