Even the security staffers are using steriods

They should just rename Fenway Park to HGH park.  Maybe the guy on the right is going for the Roger Clemens look.  Not only are the players on steroids, even the security staff need a little extra boost in their daily intake.  According to the Boston Globe, two security staffers working for the Red Sox admitted to using steroids but had no knowledge of the players using steroids.

“The security staffers said they were dismissed after what they termed a cursory inquiry by Major League Baseball, and very limited questioning by the team – even though one of the guards says he swapped advice about steroids with David Ortiz’s close friend and personal assistant.

Both men said they told investigators they had no direct knowledge of steroid use by Red Sox players, including Manny Ramírez or Ortiz, both of whom were named in a New York Times report last week as having tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs in 2003.”

The question now becomes who is next to admit to using steroids in the Boston clubhouse during those years.  Could it be the fans, the beer guy or even Wally the Green Monster?

Inject 3 times a day, its the Red Sox way

Inject 3 times a day, it's the Red Sox way


~ by richyrich006 on August 3, 2009.

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