Will the Lingerie Footbal League (LFL) be successful?

This should be a no brainer right?  Almost makes you want to say, why didn’t I think of this.  The idea originated during the Super Bowl where a company created a “Lingerie Bowl” during the half time show.  The broadcast drew in millions of viewers as women in bras, underwear, shoulder pads and helmets ran across the field for all of men’s delight.

One thing you notice about this new league is that it’s about 90% Caucasian which is probably the opposite of any sports league out there.  Why didn’t hooters ever think of this?

No words.  Bears fans finally have something else that won't disappoint

No words. At least one team in Chicago who won't disappoint

If this is successful which I think it may be wildly successful, I would bet that women rights activists will come on ESPN and argue how degrading this is for women.  Of course none of the men will be complaining and there will always be plenty of girls who seek the attention to play in the league.  Unlike the XFL, I would be an investor in this company if I had the money.  Does anyone care which team really wins?

Maybe they do need the money because their website doesn’t support spell check.

Is it that hard to spell "Schedule" and "Conference"

Is it that hard to spell "Schedule" and "Conference"

The New York Majesty currently has one player who is cloned 12 times

The New York Majesty currently has one player who is cloned 12 times


~ by richyrich006 on August 2, 2009.

4 Responses to “Will the Lingerie Footbal League (LFL) be successful?”

  1. Tampa’s gonna have a team and I’m gonna cover this for a local sports mag.

    Can you say “Awwwww yeah!”

    Hey, man. I have a caption contest on the website that’s write up your alley. Stop by and make your presence felt.

  2. I’m guessing you’ll be on the sidelines of every game?

  3. Are you kidding me?

    I’m pushing to be the team mascot.

  4. check out the la qb Joey davenport she can throw!! Saw her on the pennisula in Newport beach throwing 50 yard bombs. freaking sexy as hell cant wait to see her play in LA. she can catch anything great hands on that smoking body.

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