Should Michael Vick play in the MLB

The Washington Post came out with an article today about Michael Vick’s possible future in baseball. The issue at hand is should Michael Vick make a career change and play baseball instead of football.

Lets examine the facts.  One year before he was selected by the Falcons in the NFL draft, Vick was selected by the Colorado Rockies with the 887th pick (Fred Flinstone was chosen with the 888th pick; seriously why is the baseball draft so long?).  The only problem with this is Vick hasn’t played baseball since 8th grade!  That’s no organized baseball at Virginia Tech, not even in high school.  The director Bill Schmidt at the time was quoted as saying,

“We figure he could track down some balls in the outfield at Coors Field.”

This is essentially like drafting Shawn Bradley in the NBA just because he’s tall.  Look how well that worked out for the Sixers and Mavs.  If Vick were to make the switch to baseball, maybe it would work since he probably once beat the dogs with baseball bats.  All in all, I think there is not enough controversy in baseball already.  Any team that picks up Vick would actually be diverting the steroids issue to the dog fighting issue, which will probably shut the mouth of all the talking pundits on ESPN.

If this works out, Nelly should make a career change too.  After all, he was drafted late by the Pittsburg Pirates but decided to rap instead.  Michael Jordan should also come back to baseball because didn’t he hit that one home run?

Maybe there’s a reason why most people keep their dayjobs.


~ by richyrich006 on August 2, 2009.

One Response to “Should Michael Vick play in the MLB”

  1. Great Article. I think Vick should still be in jail.

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