Stephon Marbury Day 6 and Day 7: Marbury crashes his Maybach, flies some random fan to his house and argues with sister

7 days of Stephon Marbury is almost complete.  There really is no purpose to what he’s doing but it’s highly addicting for some reason.  Maybe because we watch athletes perform on TV, perform in real life but few have the chance to really go inside their lives.  ESPN doesn’t tell you the whole story, only one dimension of it.

The most bizarre thing happened yesterday.  In between a billion lines of chat, Stephon catches his eye on one kid who said something alone the lines of don’t listen to the haters and my mom died of cancer.  The next thing you know, Marbury tells this random person over the Internet that he’s never met named “minimoss87” that he’s going to fly him first class over to Los Angeles the next day.  This just sounds like a “To Catch a Predator” story waiting to happen.

Today, Marbury heads over to the airport to pick up this kid and streams his webcam through his car.  The next thing you know, his driver crashes his Maybach while making a u-turn.  This is all live and Marbury tells the driver to just keep on driving.  Marbury was shook up but unconcerned and repeated, “Don’t worry about it.  It’s just a car.  It ain’t nothin’ but the Devil”.  Looks like he was trying to flee from the scene of an accident too.

And then the moment finally comes, we meet this “minimoss87” character and what do you know, he’s a fat white kid who appears quiet and flustered, almost like he’s uncomfortable and don’t really know who Stephon Marbury is.

"I made Stephon cry again"

"I made Stephon cry again"

As the night progresses, Stephon’s sister flies all the way to Los Angeles and words ensued soon after that.  Lets just say she was not happy with what is going on and she let him know it…all caught on webcam.  This is a disaster waiting to happen as one of Starbury’s cameraman walks out.  However, this is already 10 X better than the “TO show” with way more drama and weird as hell.  Maybe he’s onto something here.  I just wonder how the random Daniel kid feels about all this.

Is this the end to Marbury’s 24/7 run at Internet TV?  Maybe or is this the setup to more madness tomorrow?

I’m doing meeee!


~ by richyrich006 on July 30, 2009.

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