Day 3 Recap: Stephon Marbury is going strong?

Update 2:28am: Talking to someone over the phone late at night, gets angry and says, “I’m going to kill the viewers”.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

That’s right, another post about Marbury, the only place where you’ll find this much pointless coverage about Starbury.  From what I thought was a weird viral marketing campaign, this has turned into a full blown off season endurance workout.  While I’m impressed by the 24 hour straight (more like 22) staring at a computer (com’on can you talk to the computer for 24 hours), this also has a disturbing undertone to it.  Marbury has now promised to broadcast 7 days a week giving his fans everywhere a journey in his life.

One of the most interesting things that’s happened today was him bringing the computer to a restaurant and proceeding to talk to it for over an hour at the restaurant.  At the end, he pulls out his AMEX black card, pulls the waitress to the screen and tips the waitress $100.  Very generous indeed.

However, the low point of the day came when Stephon begins crying in front of the camera.  The song probably reminded him of his dad when he died couple years back.  I’m not a psychologist or anything, but maybe he’s crying out for help.  Where is his wife and his kids?  Why is he living with two other guys in L.A. who walk around the house and appear to be his butlers.

Here’s the video:

Later in the night, Stephon repeats what he did the night before and starts dancing around the camera in his 3 story house in LA.  What’s distrubing about this is:

1. He plays Drake around 10 X on repeat

2. Another song on repeat begins something like, “No one knows how I feel”

If the second song isn’t big hint, then I don’t know what is.  Through all he put the Knicks through and banging the female intern during the Isiah Thomas scandal, I do sympathize with Marbury.  I don’t think he’s a bad guy the media portrays him to be, just lost right now.  He’s done a lot for his community, donated millions more and created a shoe that was affordable for everyone.  Yet his throat is starting to crack (probably won’t be able to talk tomorrow) and because of not getting enough sleep, he’s becoming more delirious.

Maybe all this doesn’t justify these two acts:



“They try to put me in a BOX” -Stephon Marbury-


~ by richyrich006 on July 26, 2009.

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