Spoiled Kids of Rich Athletes are Awesome

I need my Nickelodeon biatch!

I need my Nickelodeon biatch!

Don Mattingly was a great baseball player for the great New York Yankees and is currently a hitting coach in LA for his best buddy Joe Torre.  Despite winning batting titles and even an MVP, he couldn’t use his baseball magic to not make his son a douchebag. Taylor was arrested for hitting and spitting on his mother. He also proceeded to break furniture and be a retarded freak. But the fun starts when you realize what all the fuss was about. His Mom didnt kick him out of the house, tell him to break up with his gf, or even ground him for the weekend. No, she canceled the cable television. FUCK HER! You do not take away cable television from a young male. Why dont you just castrate him in the process cause that would hurt just as much.

On a personal note, I found out the place i’m living next year doesnt offer Chicago Comcast Sportsnet so I cant watch the local sports team. I went nuts too harassing everyone from the receptionist, to the apartment complex management, to the cable company itself.

Good thing she didnt cancel his World of Warcraft account too!


~ by hundley21 on July 23, 2009.

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