TMZ gets owned by Ebaumnation

Not only did one video of the infamous LeBron getting posterized video appear today but two separate videos have been leaked by TMZ and Ebaumnation. TMZ was receiving all the hype and glory for buying the only footage out there. However their video was clearly shot with a 0.5 megapixel video recorded with no zoom feature. To the world’s surprise, ebaumnation was secretly holding on to their own video of the dunk with picture perfect video quality and shot right under the basket.

The dunk itself was just alright. It was no Davis over Kirilenko or Carter over Zo, but some college reject slammed it with 2 hands. It was more that LeBron got lazy and was slow to get to the basket. But when you have Nike paying you 100 million you dont have to do shit. What if this happened in a game? Does Nike have the authority to rip footage straight from the NBA. I’m shocked the John Starks over Michael Jordan dunk video still exists.

Anyhoo, given the hype this video had, it ended up being more anticlimactic than ‘The Hangover’. Here are the two video. First watch the 1950’s underwater TMZ version followed by the Ebaumnation version.


~ by hundley21 on July 22, 2009.

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