David Beckham jeered by the crowd

Who knew in a town where celebrities rule the city that they actually cared about sports, especially a sport like soccer.  In a country where the soccer experiment has failed over and over again, who could have guessed Los Angeles Galaxy “fans” would have reacted in pitchfork anger when Beckham returned onto the field.

Of course, LA fans being LA fans, the boos stopped after half time not because Beckham assisted in a couple of goals, more because the fans LEAVE before the game is over.  You see, having lived in Los Angeles in the past 4 years and attending USC football and the Lakers games, no matter how good your team is, half of the fans are fair weathered fans who attend as a social mass rather than to watch the games.  No wonder people say LA doesn’t deserve sports teams.  Anyway, here are some of the better signs of the game against AC Milan.

I bet that this is the "fan's" first Galaxy game

I wonder how the little boy feels

Even the little boy wearing a Beckham jersey feels the same way

What's scarier?  Beckham jumping into the Oakland Raider's "Blackhole" or this mess

What's scarier? Beckham jumping into the Oakland Raider's "Blackhole" or this mess. I've never been more proud of LA

In conclusion, no one cares about soccer especially in Los Angeles.  People only care because Beckham is considered a “celebrity” and people in LA are simply being the people in LA.


~ by richyrich006 on July 20, 2009.

2 Responses to “David Beckham jeered by the crowd”

  1. The strange thing about the whole David Beckham/LA Galaxy row is that Beckham was an unbelievable loyal player when he was at Manchester United. I personally think he’s misjudged the passion of the American football fans, he would have never pulled a stunt like moving to Milan for half a season when he was playing at Old Trafford.

    The fans would lynch him! so I can’t blame the Galaxy fans for wanting to do the same, after all they bought season tickets on the strength of seeing Beckham play a full season – They must feel very let down.

  2. Agreed even though I still think we all misjudged how angry fans in LA really are. It’s more about being ripped off than about soccer

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