Does Shaquille O’Neal still want to fight in the UFC?

Recently, a video surfaced on youtube showing Shaq training with a company called SixLevels in mixed martial arts.  Here is one of the video:

Apparently after training for 6 months, Shaq calls out a Korean MMA giant Hong Man Choi who is best known for beating the crap out of Jose Conseco.  Standing over 7 foot tall, Choi is comparable to Shaq’s height and weight.  What’s not comparable is Shaq’s ability to get in the ring with this guy.  This is like Choi calling out Shaq to play basketball.

In my humble opinion, as great an athlete as Shaq is on the field, he would get the crap beaten out of him although this would be an epic match to watch.  Charles Barkley back in the day took Shaq down pretty hard to the ground easily and that was on a court.  Can you imagine what a 7ft dude who fights for a living will do to O’Neal?

On a side note, why do freakishly tall Korean Athletes look similar and inhuman?  Remember the 7ft Ha?

In any case, here’s Jose getting TKO’ed by Choi.  All those steroid didn’t help did it


~ by richyrich006 on July 12, 2009.

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