ESPN blow things out of proportion again

When the news of Lebron James was dunked over came around the media, most sports stations did little to report the story.  But our favorite sports journalism channel once again feels a need to report the story as if this was significant.  After Jordan Crawford of Xaxier dunked on Lebron James, all video footage was confiscated by Nike to protect the image of “King (Queen) James”.

Is this really a big deal?  NBA players get dunked on all the time on the court.  Michael Jordan was dunked on by John Starks and people get over it.  This is really the fault of both Lebron’s camp and ESPN’s gossip reporting.  Because of incidents like this, I now have less respect for Lebron who thinks he’s the greatest player ever.  You can’t be the greatest when you can’t hit jump shots and choke during big game situations, or choke during a petty game or HORSE like this:

But now that the news has gotten out, ESPN has a strangle hold and would not let go.  They even interviewed Jordan Crawford for 5 minutes about the dunk.  Some of the ridiculous questions included:

“What did it feel like to dunk over Lebron”

“Are you disappointed that there wasn’t video footage / Are there pictures of it”

“How has your life changed since dunking on Lebron” – JESUS ESPN, he didn’t cure cancer

Should really say check my rings


~ by richyrich006 on July 9, 2009.

3 Responses to “ESPN blow things out of proportion again”

  1. I too recently dunked on LBJ but misplaced the video.

    You’ll take my word for it, won’t ya?

  2. Haha — that interview, I believe, was done by one of the guys who filmed the dunk — NOT by someone at ESPN.

    Either way, this type of image control by celebrities is, in some ways, the logical response to our crazy-ass 24/7 news cycle.

    Still funny though.

  3. Everyone should go visit Nike here to ask for the release of the tapes:

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