Ron Artest should not quit his day job

When musical tributes started pouring out for Michael Jackson by artists, atheletes wanted a piece of the action too.  Here’s a recording of Ron Artest pouring out his heart for Jackson in this song.  Noted that Artest sounds like a raging alcoholic drunk off his mind when he’s trying in this song and lets just say he hasn’t been this angry since the Pistons brawl.

Horrendous lines in this garbage includes:

“Michael, Michael, Michael, you my nigga”

“Fuck everybody hatin’, they can go to hell”

“Makes me wanna meet you, touch your hand. Ya know”

I’m convinced there’s something wrong with Artest after hearing this song.  Maybe he should be put on suicide watch because of the death of Jackson.  Also, I think you can describe Jackson in a lot of words, but “nigga” isn’t one of them.


~ by richyrich006 on July 8, 2009.

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