Death of a Warrior (Steve McNair)

The quotes to describe Steve McNair’s death is unreal.  The consensus among the majority of writers is that he’s a warrior as seen in these quotes, another lame attempt to compare sports to war.

Eddie George, former Titans running back: “a warrior”

Al Del Greco, former Titans kicker: “a warrior”

Donna Doss, Nashville interior designer and Titans season ticketholder: “a warrior, and he always gave us 110%”

Brad Hopkins, former Titans left tackle: “a warrior and a competitor”

Selma McNair, father: “a good soldier … a warrior”

Robert Headley, Associated Content: “a warrior and the definition of a field general”

Jason Whitlock, “a warrior who fought the wrong war.”

Steve Young, Hall of Fame quarterback: “a warrior who battled”

David Ginsburg, Associated Press: “a warrior on the football field”

Fred Faour, Houston Sports Examiner: “a warrior on the field who often took a beating”

Cam Inman, Contra Costa Times: “a warrior in the Coliseum in AFC title game vs. Raiders”

Blaine Bishop, former Titans safety: “an absolute warrior as a player”

Floyd Reese, former Titans GM: “a tremendous leader and an absolute warrior”

Michael Lombardi, National Football Post: “a true warrior”

Jemele Hill, “the football warrior”

Jay Mariotti
, FanHouse: “a Sunday warrior”

Pete Prisco
, “an NFL warrior,” “a warrior”

Allen Wilson
, Buffalo News: “Hall of Fame warrior”

Peter Finney, New Orleans Times-Picayune: “like some warrior poet”

Frank Wycheck, former Titans tight end: “what a warrior was all about”

Warren Moon, Hall of Famer and former Oilers quarterback: “one of the great warriors to ever put on a football uniform at any position”

Jerome Solomon, Houston Chronicle: “Most certainly, the word you will see and hear the most over the next few days when players, coaches, media and fans talk about McNair will be ‘warrior,’ because that he was. A football warrior.”

No one ever mentions that he cheated on his wife without her knowing until he died AND with a girl from Dave and Busters!  I guess there really isn’t that much to do in Tennessee.




~ by richyrich006 on July 8, 2009.

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