Update: Lane Kiffin’s draft pick last year

Damn it, anyone who saw Lane Kiffin recruiting the 13 year old should have seen it coming.  Watch who he picks in the draft for the Raiders on the 100th pick.


~ by richyrich006 on July 3, 2009.

2 Responses to “Update: Lane Kiffin’s draft pick last year”

  1. still a better pick than maurice clarett. Aruba here i come biatch

  2. Since when did Laine Kiffin become the Caucasian answer to Michael Jackson ? But I digress as he expects to show the rest of the SEC that he just doesn’t put his pants on , one leg at a time. All of hooplah , and so let’s just hope there’s more to him than his asinine belligerence and the statements made.

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