Lane Kiffin is Shady as Hell

After calling Urban Meyers a shady recruiter his second week at Tenessee, he is now recruiting 13 year olds like Evan Berry to play on the team.  I like to refer this to sports pedaphillia: The illegal act of offering someone who isn’t in high school a scholarship to play at a university.

"How I like my players.  If there's grass on the field, play ball"

"How I like my players. If there's grass on the field, play ball"

Of course, this isn’t the first time this has happened.  Back in 2007, Ryan Boatright, an 8th grader, gave an oral commitment to Tim Floyd about playing for USC.  Of course, we all know that Lane Kiffin was a tight end coach for USC before moving to the Raiders and eventually to UT.

I’d say this type of jailbait recruiting needs to stop.  There is no way you will know if a player will still be playing let alone how he will develop.  Similar to Brandon Jennings, who was a Sophomore at Oak Hill when he committed to play for the Trojans before jumping to Arizona and eventually Europe.  Someone needs to get Chris Hanson from “To Catch a Predator” from these coaches preying on younger kids.

Nice to see you, have a seat.  What are you doing?

Nice to see you, have a seat. What do you think are you doing?

I dont care if hes 13 years old.  Hes mine!

I don't care if he's 13 years old. He's mine!


~ by richyrich006 on June 30, 2009.

3 Responses to “Lane Kiffin is Shady as Hell”

  1. I prefer to think of jennings as a Dominguez HS baller like tyson chandler. And when i compared jennings to marcus williams on the podcast, i didnt realize they are actually cousins. Maybe thats why they are so similar.

  2. He he….. love the Kiffin video.

    Gators by 28 easy this year. Take it like a man, Lane.

  3. […] Lane Kiffin’s draft pick last year Damn it, anyone who saw Lane Kiffin recruiting the 13 year old should have seen it coming.  Watch who he picks in the draft for the Raiders on the 100th […]

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