Is this Worse than Greg Paulus’ Flop?

Greg Paulus

Some Arkansas baseball player

Bad acting on both parts.  A slight edge to the Arkansas baseball player.  What do you think?


~ by richyrich006 on June 30, 2009.

One Response to “Is this Worse than Greg Paulus’ Flop?”

  1. We all know Paulus is a little bitch, but the baseball guy didnt even convince the umpire that he got hit. The with the right elbow that “hurt” so much, he took a super hard swing, pointed the bat at the ump with, and slammed his helmet with the same right elbow. I’m sure the elbow hurts like a MRer. He didnt even drop the bat correctly when you do get hit in the elbow. Most people would take the right arm off the bat and let it drop. He actually threw the bat down with the right arm that was supposedly just hit a 90 MPH fastball. Enjoy it greg paulus cause this is the only thing you’ll ever win

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