I’m a F@$#&ing Soldier

Why athletes compare themselves to going to war on the field is beyond my comprehension.  Whether it’s football or basketball, during big games, athletes love to compare the game to war and how they’re going to rip the other team apart. 

There’s a thousand things wrong with this picture.  One of which is obviously, they are not actually going to war.  If Kevin Garnett was really going to war like he says he is, he’d probably be a untrained lunatic who gets hit by a sniper on the field.

Here are the most ridiculous clips of athletes acting out of their mind when thinking about their opponents.

What war are you talking about Kevin?  The war on Call of Duty on your computer?  Oh you mean this kind of war in the NBA

Here’s Kellen Winslow Jr. in the infamous tirade.

Wait hold on..memo to Winslow: no one is trying to intentially kill you.  The only thing that will kill you is not knowing how to ride a motorcycle.  Send this man to North Korea.  If he’s crazy enough to act like this on a football field, there’s no way he can’t destroy those nukes over there…right?

Heres to staying out of jail after YOU killed someone

In one article to ESPN, Ray Lewis claimed that besides the crazy dance he does that resembles an Indidan tribal dance before a game, he imagines his opponents trying to kill or hurt his family.  Now how disturbed is that.  You imagine people killing your family?  Dude it’s a game!  Your getting paid millions for it!  Think of some ways to motivate yourself other than seeing your kids getting stabbed.  You’re mentally disturbed an you’re a freaking moron!


~ by richyrich006 on June 24, 2009.

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