Brandon Marshall is not sorry for beating his girlfriend and Donte Stallworth is not sorry for killing the pedestrian and why I feel sorry for Michael Vick

The news has a way of spinning stories to get the public opinion they want.  With the recent arrest of gun charges, drunk driving, wife beating, dog fighting, weed smoking and any other -ing activities you can think of, the NFL chooses to turn to the media in its enforcements.

Take Brandon Marshall for example.  In outside the lines, his girlfriend confronted that she was beaten multiple times by Marshall, somewhere in the range of 10-20.  Yet Marshall denies each and every charge during the interview, which in hind sight may not be such a wise thing for Marshall to do since he probably did beat her a couple of times.  Yet the NFL does nothing and has not come out to express any significant opinion on the issue whether it be suspending him until further investigation because the media didn’t overblow the story.

Then you take Donte Stallworth who drove drunk and killed some woman.  In the end the guy pleaded guilty, paid some money to the family and only serves 30 days in jail.  Really?  30 days?  That’s it?  This sentence makes O.J. look like he overpayed for his freedom (the first time around).  Roger Goodell says he’ll review the facts and decide on the appropriate action (probably 1 game suspension).

Then you have Michael Vick who everyone in the media tries make him look like some serial killer.  While I don’t think the guy is a saint, the guy grew up in one of the worst neighborhoods in America in Virginia.  To rise up from society’s failures to where he was a couple of years ago was a tremendous success.  And now just because he had a dog fighting ring, he was sent to jail for 2 years which consequently bankruped him by shady lawyers.  PETA is all over his ass and Roger Goodell once comtemplated whether to allow Vick back in the league.

This is the stupidity of sports management and society that I’m talking about.  Compared to some of these other offenders, is it really as bad?  I think not unless you consider animal lives not as important or just as important as human lives.  In any case, the guy didn’t grow up with a golden spoon in his mouth like some animal rights protester.   It’s difficult to change who you are if you’ve experienced tremendous hardship during your childhood years.  For someone like Vick, the NFL, PETA and the media need to lay off his ass and just accept him for who he is and that he’s done time for what he did.  Plus the dude’s got herpes, you gotta feel sorry for him

Let him back in the league.


~ by richyrich006 on June 16, 2009.

5 Responses to “Brandon Marshall is not sorry for beating his girlfriend and Donte Stallworth is not sorry for killing the pedestrian and why I feel sorry for Michael Vick”

  1. I can’t believe Stallworth got a month for killing that guy. MUST BE THE MONEY!

    Dig the site. We should exchange blog rolls.

  2. Richy Rich …….

    The real pain of this all is that the Justice System once again lets down the common man . A plea agreement and Stallworth gets a shortened sentence.

    The same thing’ll happen when Burress now doubt undergoes his case as well come the 09-10 season .

    As for the likes of Brandon Marshall and Michael Vick they’re still completely in denial as to their misdeeds. Vick has yet to offer a concrete act of contrition. Much as in the same way the blowhole known as A-Rod’s apology was laughable and a complete disservice to the fans and public in general .

    The Cubbies’ll Always Be The Lovable , Win, Lose Or Whatever …

    Be Careful What You Wish For ……..

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    Alan ………… aka tophatal ………..

  3. Vick and Marshall have yet to show any real act of contrition for their misdeeds.

    That’s all one can really say as to their plight. As for Stallworth and Buress . The wheels of justice for them is easily avoided when you’ve got the dough to pay for the best that money can buy.

    Be Careful What You Wish For …

  4. Click on the text shown above as well as below to view my latest pieces.

    The Cubbies’ll Always Be Lovable, Win, Lose Or Whatever …..

    Alan …………

  5. Ron Mexico does not have herpes

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