NBA Finals Review: Adam Morrison has more rings than Lebron James

When the Finals began, I previewed the most important matchup in this series: Adam Morrison vs. JJ Reddick.  The team that didn’t play the two ex college superstars turned out to win the series and it turned out to be the Lakers.  Reddick actually got some quality minutes during every single game trying not to make an ass out of himself guarding Kobe.  It’s sad that Morrison won a ring without even playing in the finals. I think it would have been fun for the two to guard each other and see what would have happened.

On the same note, can someone explain to me why Adam Morrison was touching himself in the middle of the game.

"Hey! Take your hands out of your pants, Morrison." -Jordan Farmar-

Is it me or does Morrison not show any emotions anymore.  Oh that’s right, he doesn’t play…Ever.  After some further digging, Morrison didn’t play a single playoff game, not a single one.

4/19/09 vs. Jazz: DNP-CD (Did Not Play – Coach’s Decision)
4/21/09 vs. Jazz: DNP-CD
4/23/09 @ Jazz: Inactive
4/25/09 @ Jazz: Inactive
4/27/09 vs. Jazz: DNP-CD

5/04/09 vs. Rockets: DNP-CD
5/06/09 vs. Rockets: Inactive
5/08/09 @ Rockets: Inactive
5/10/09 @ Rockets: Inactive
5/12/09 vs. Rockets: Inactive
5/14/09 @ Rockets: Inactive
5/17/09 vs. Rockets: Inactive

5/19/09 vs. Nuggets: Inactive
5/21/09 vs. Nuggets: Inactive
5/23/09 @ Nuggets: Inactive
5/25/09 @ Nuggets: Inactive
5/27/09 vs. Nuggets: Inactive
5/29/09 @ Nuggets: Inactive

6/04/09 vs. Magic: Inactive
6/07/09 vs. Magic: Inactive
6/09/09 @ Magic: Inactive
6/11/09 @ Magic: Inactive
6/14/09 @ Magic: Inactive


~ by richyrich006 on June 15, 2009.

6 Responses to “NBA Finals Review: Adam Morrison has more rings than Lebron James”

  1. Some players that win championships have no right to get a ring. This year it was Adam Morrison and Sun Yue, and last year it was Scot Pollard and Brian Scalabrine. Scalabrine is my least favorite because he was so cocky after winning even though he did absolutely nothing. He’s my least favorite player in the NBA. And when one of the stars of your team (Ray Allen) has to try and convince the media that you contributed, then you know you suck.

  2. […] Adam Morrison has more rings than Lebron James […]

  3. Scalabrine is such a dick saying that even though he might have done nothing, he can still exaggerate to his kids that he was on a championship team. I’ll find this interview video

  4. Tight blog, I’m going to add you to my blogroll.

  5. Not sure why Morrison is touching himself, but he’s still clearly upset over losing to Farmar in co. in the Final Four. At least he’s past the crying stage…

  6. I love the two guys on these comments who are riding Scalabrine hard (heh). I mean, they are commenting on a sports humor site, yet they couldn’t have the humor elucidated to them, posited by Mr. Brian Scalabrine? What, do you guys want to step into a pile of gratuitous dogshit to realize that you are in deep? I’m sure the guy who runs this sports humor blog understands Scalabrine’s caustic intentions 100 percent. And if not, well shit!

    By the way, [this is now directed to the writer of the blog] kudos on the blog. Don’t let up, my man.

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