Oh No, Derrick Rose!

Whose the guy in the back?

Whose the guy in the back?

As much as the Bulls is my favorite team, they disappoints me every year with their stupid decisions, unlucky situations, and horrible trades.  Although I was all for drafting Rose last year, I knew he seemed a little slow.  Just check out the interview he does.

After watching this, it doesn’t suprise me at all that John Calipari helped Rose with his SAT, especially when the only vocabulary he uses is “umm”.

So back to the picture.  ESPN reported yesterday that Rose flashed a gang sign at a party and stirred up a huge controversy over the internet.  In the public statement, Rose stated that he was anti-gang, anti violence, but he never said he was anti drug or anti underage drinking.  Why is there so much smoke in the room and an over 21 wristband on his wrist.  Rose is probably not associated with any gang I’m guessing but just flashing them to look cool in pictures.

Rose isn’t the only one, check out this one by Mayo


Or this one of Jennings and Derozen

Why Tim Floyd Left

This is Why Tim Floyd Left

Now let the Pros do it

Not in a gang, but shot earlier in his career by a gang member

When all else fails, threaten in order to beat your opponents

Now I understand why they do it.

D'Antoni wants a piece of the action


~ by richyrich006 on June 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “Oh No, Derrick Rose!”

  1. Pretty nice, i’ll put you on my blogroll

  2. What’s the difference ‘tween both Rose and Mayo ? None as they both claimed to have past their SAT’s . I hear Tim Floyd may well be alleging the money handed over to one of Mayo’s buddies was to pay for a dry cleaning bill ?

    Alan ……………

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