Shaq and Kobe’s Rape Victim Disses Kobe

This was last year after the Lakers Lost.

Not Bad considering Troy Hudson’s “successful” rap career

Now for this year, before the finals, who other than Kobe’s “accuser” disses Kobe in a remix of Shaq’s original rap.

The girl was most defintely not the girl who was raped.  But it does make the whole NBA final a lot more interesting.


~ by richyrich006 on June 6, 2009.

5 Responses to “Shaq and Kobe’s Rape Victim Disses Kobe”

  1. worst rap ever. she’s not the accuser and he only raped her allegedly

    I like the posts, but you may want to try something other than basketball

  2. lol..this is a catchy site…that video of the girl was funny too

  3. chicken fried steak y’all… haha.. i like shaq’s rap. but it is tough to beat a white girl without rhythm rapping…

  4. this bitch sucks….the fella’s over at doin-work like your blog, will keep coming by here.

    Did I say anything about this bitch sucking? Just checking.

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