NBA Finals Preview

Since everyone is doing their own analysis of whether the Lakers will take it in 4 games, 5 games, or 1 game, my analysis of the series will only revolve around 2 players.


Remember back in the tournament in 2005 when the whole country and media (mostly ESPN) was hyping around these two players and how they makeup one of the greatest rivalry in college basketball history.  Right then, I knew neither player was going to amount to anything, bench warmers at best.

Lets discuss Adam Morrison.  What the hell was Michael Jordan thinking when he took Adam Morrison 3rd in the 2006 draft.  The guy can’t stop crying on the court and tries to play it off as if it was normal off the court.  In an EA sports commerical, Morrison spins his emotion to prove he’s passionate.

Yes Adam, the only “people” that will be crying is you because you’ll never see a minute in a game unless it’s a blowout.  But I figured he stopped crying after being slapped around by Jordan in Charlotte just like Kwame Brown had experienced.

Ill bet money that porn is in Mr. Morrisons future

I'll bet money that porn is in Mr. Morrison's future

Lets move on to J.J. Reddick.  Like Morrison, Reddick thinks he was god in college at Duke where he set a record for most ACC points (before Tyler Hansbrough), free throw made etc.  I mean come on the guy was a one song wonder.  The only thing Reddick was good at was shooting three pointers and announcers made him seem like he was draining a shot from half court when he would sometimes make a 3 pointer couple inches behind the COLLEGE 3 point line.  Basically a less physical/poor man’s Wally Szczerbiak if that’s possible.  For Reddick to stay in the league for this long is god sent.  The last white player who was only good at shooting 3s that stuck around the NBA was probably Steve Kerr and he was not the cocky bastard Reddick is.

But given Reddick actually have a better chance of playing in the final than Adam Morrison in a suit, I’ll have to give the edge to Reddick.  But because of both of their tendency to choke in big games, it’s probably better that Morrison isn’t playing.  Rather by having Reddick in the game, Lakers will easily dominate the Magics.

If I were Magics, I would hope Reddick gets hit with another DUI so that he cant play

If I were Magics, I would hope Reddick gets hit with another DUI so that he can't play

Who will cry this time?

Who will cry this time?


~ by richyrich006 on June 3, 2009.

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