Dirk’s Mishap-What the hell was he thinking?

News broke out recently that Dirk Nowitzki’s ex girlfriend / financee is pregant….in jail and claims Dirk as the father of the child.  The story gets stranger from there, apparently, the woman defrauded a dentist for $10,000 after having work done on her teeth.  Once a stripper, she also amounted $300,000 of debt on ex NFL football player Tony Banks’ acount.  So this begs the question, what the hell was Dirk thinking when he proposed?

Even more disturbing:

“Speaking by telephone from jail in Beaumont, Taylor said she had been unaware of the two outstanding warrants against her. She said Nowitzki knew about her past arrests, nicknaming her his “little jailbird.”

But give the girl a break, she looks like she could be mistaken for a tranny.


~ by richyrich006 on May 28, 2009.

One Response to “Dirk’s Mishap-What the hell was he thinking?”

  1. As history has shown, germans are idiots beyond comprehension

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