Back from Hiatus – Countdown to the Worst Celebrations in NBA (a.k.a. Whatever I could find on youtube)

5. Deshawn Stevenson – Waving hand over face

Down by 20 points, Stevenson scores a contested 3 pointer with Lebron James’ hand over his face and proceeds to taunt James by waving his own hand across his face.  Would Deshawn’s friend Souja Boy approve?  Take a look.

No wonder David Stern got rid of those high school kids jumping to the NBA

Cavaliers Wizards BasketballCan you see me?

Doing the WaltzMaybe Deshawn can’t shoot 3’s because he’s got his hand all over his face…and this guy was once compared to Michael Jordan on

4. Darius Miles and Quentin Richardson – Head Bump

According to Miles and Richardson, this has something to do with the fact that they come from Illinois.  I’m from Illinois and I’m convinced this is gang related.

3. Dikembe Mutombo – Finger Swat


Thank god Deke retired or else

2. Chris Anderson a.k.a. Birdman flys

Attempts to flap his “wings” like a baffoon.  In an interview to ESPN, he still won’t reveal the drug that he used before he got suspended but he narrowed it down to three: Meth, Cocaine or Heroin.  Also claims that Chris Anderson is different than Birdman.  This guy will give Michael Jackson a run for his money.

Almost forgot, also can’t dunk…

1.  Kevin Garnett – Barks like a dog?



Garnett has gotten out of control in his 14 seasons in the league. Things have gotten so out of hand that individual players have stepped up to express they will no longer tolerate Garnett’s “bullying”.  Now that Michael Vick is fresh out of jail, he’s looking for some new pitbulls to train…

Do you see a difference?


~ by richyrich006 on May 27, 2009.

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