What is Linning?

•February 13, 2012 • 1 Comment

Linning? Really?

Bible Study..I get it

After being on a 2 year hiatus, I came back because by now every Asian and their grandmother has heard of Jeremy Lin and if you haven’t you must not be Asian.  But what the hell is linning?  According to the website jlinning.com that create the act of “linning”- “Linning is the the humble “pregame” ritual of putting on your glasses and flipping through a bible prior to dominating life’s big events”.  What. the. hell?  I thought they were doing this because they both went to “smart” schools, you know, flipping through books?   But maybe it does make sense that it’s a bible, after all who is the Tim Tebow in the NBA right now?  Duh…Linning!

Since Jeremy Lin and his football counterpart (cough Tim Tebow) are both devout Christians, maybe Tebow can show Lin some love by linning on the field next season.  Either way this is some stupid phenomenon that will probably have dumb people doing it and take internet by “storm” like the John Wall dance and tebowing.  Maybe this is God’s way of telling people 2012 is happening.

How Can I Resist?

•July 9, 2010 • 1 Comment

Not only was trading Michael Beasley a financial decision, it was also apparently “The Decision” for Gloria James to forget everything about Delonte West.  Just check out what Beasley’s dad is saying about the situation.

Absurd?  I think not.

Cleveland No More: Lebron James Bails

•July 9, 2010 • 2 Comments

...welcome to Miami, bitches

Unless you’ve been living under a rock in the last four hours, Cleveland’s favorite son Lebron James is no longer a Cavalier.  The “Decision” has come and gone and Lebron has decided to take the worst route possible to announce his breakup with the Cavs, through National International television.  For a long time, I thought his decision was obvious, almost laughable that it would need to be announced through an one hour television special (don’t worry, all of the proceeds will be donated to the charity, this should make up for one hell of an asshole move by a superstar).

Having no affiliation with Cleveland and by no means a Lebron James fan, even I felt betrayed by Queen James.  Instantly turned from a hometown hero to almost as much hated as Hitler in Cleveland, he’s got the whole world buzzing about whether he made the right decision.  You can make the argument that Cleveland never got the right pieces together for Lebron to make another run at a championship, but how can you quit on your hometown team when they’ve stuck by you through thick and thin.  Like most people have said, people in Cleveland have never turned on Lebron like fans in other cities (see Kobe Bryant, ok that’s L.A., but what about Donovan McNabb).  Why go through all this trouble to make a circus about where you’re going to go when you are leaving a city that’s been so loyal to you?

Cavs owner, Dan Gilbert, in the last hour issued a letter to the fans of Cleveland stating some pretty harsh opinions on James [Read it Here].  In fact, if you go to the Cavs’ main site right now, the letter is clearly on the home page.  Seemingly like a rant, some parts of the letter probably came out of frustration.  In any case, you can just feel the anger that’s coming from every Cavs fan out there.  Burn those Jerseys!

If I interpreted correctly, there is actually now a Dan Gilbert curse:


At the end of the day, while Lebron probably made the right decision for himself, his ego drove him to becoming one of the most hated players in the league.  If they don’t win a championship Miami next season, it will be deemed an utter failure.  Who is Lebron James going to blame this time?  Hell let’s bring Shaq back to South Beach as well, maybe the party can continue when all the egos collide once again.

Stephen Strasburg is Money

•June 23, 2010 • 3 Comments


Worth every penny if you ask me.  I now feel bad for the seller who will have to incur a 10% ebay fee on this auction.  So around 100 grand.  If the buyer doesn’t pay, that’s going to be another story.  Of course you can always appeal to the site to claim unpaid item.  Remind me, isn’t this how the housing bubble started?  At this pace, if Strasburg signs 15 more cards, he’ll probably be able to double his contract.   Yours truely may just get in on the joke of the century.


This picture just says it all.  If I was Stephen Strasburg and I needed some extra income on the side, I could just sign a couple extra baseball cards and put them on ebay myself.  For a 22 year old that’s been injured the first half of the season and played only 3 games, the hype machine is in full force.  Of course, for someone to drop $100,000 on a piece of card that may very well be worthless is even more unbelievable.

If irrational exuberance is what caused the housing market to crash in America, the same can be said about this card.  Hell why don’t someone just anti up a baby for this card.

World Premiere of “Champions”

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Queensbridge baby!

After weeks of deliberation, Ron Artest finally released the music video for his new song “Champions”.  No one can argue how well the video is done or how many non Los Angeles hats are worn.  Why doesn’t Ron Artest’s producers get any crap for wearing the Yankees hat after a Lakers win?  Lebron James anyone?

Lakers Fans Know How to Party!

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Anyone could have told you that the Los Angelenos know how to throw it down when it comes to “their” Lakers.  I was surprised that the Game 7 riot wasn’t a lot bigger after the Lakers defeated Boston in one of the worst shooting games in the history of the finals.  You can almost say that there is no real winner, only Ron Artest, who wanted to let you know a  psychiatrist is one of the most important professions out there.

Considering that the fans who attended the game at the Staples Center was around 95.9% celebrities or fair weathered Los Angeles fans, the riot turned out a little worse than I expected.  On one street, a row of car windows were smashed; although I could have told you that it’s completely moronic to park your car in a city that is known for its share of Rodney King activities.

I leave those who don’t live in the City of Angels this video.  As you can clearly see, lighting up a taxi on fire and destroying your city is probably the best way to celebrate a victory!

Is Myron Rolle Too Smart For The NFL? Is Toby Gerhart Feeling Reverse Discrimination

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With the NFL draft only a days away, all of the major prospects are interviewing and making public appearances to increase their draft stock.  Two particular players, Myron Rolle and Toby Gerhart, are fighting discrimination that have been targeted towards them.  In the NFL, unlike most workplaces, it does not play to your advantage to be smart or white.

It's a Cravat!

It's a Cravat!

Case #1: Myron Rolle, the Florida State Rhodes scholar who went to study at Oxford last year, is probably too smart for the NFL.   In an interview to ESPN, Rolle showed up with an ascot to prove how smart he is.  When asked about what’s the difference between the topic of conversation between Rhodes scholars and NFL draft prospects, Rolle says,

The topic of conversation at Oxford is UN speeches and political ecology of diseases.  NFL prospects, we are talking about team uniforms and uh….some rap music.

In essence, Rolle comes out and says NFL draft prospects are brain dead.  Just telling the truth.

Not a ascot, but close enough

Case 2: Toby Gerhart, the Stanford running back who nearly beat out Mark Ingram for the Heisman last year, is feeling the pressure of reverse discrimination.  A scout came out and said,

He’ll be a great second-round pickup for somebody, but I guarantee you if he was the exact same guy – but he was black – he’d go in the first round for sure

It’s really no surprise that this is the truth.  Although Gerhart had a great career at Stanford, he’ll always be compared to other white runners that’s been in and out of the NFL i.e. Mike Alstott.  So really, Gerhart can be the second coming of Barry Sanders and no one will take him seriously until he steps onto the turf.

We’ll see how all this will play out in tomorrow’s draft.